Tappen Spring

RV travel to and from Tappen Spring is only authorized during daylight hours, if you arrive at night you will have to wait until the next day to take your rig out there.

Report bear and mountain lion sightings to camp host (928)-699-8866 or security (928-773-3259)

Fire Permit required for any type of flame outside (i.e. campfire, propane grill, charcoal grill, etc.), fire permits can be acquired from Camp Navajo Fire Station on base.

Campers are not permitted to drive ATV’s, side by sides, or other recreational vehicles outside of the Tappen Spring area to explore other parts of the base effective 11 August 2020. The only permitted route for recreational vehicles is the road back to cantonment area (main base). Campers wishing to explore using recreational vehicles are to leave base and go north of the I-40. Campers found outside of the permitted area shown below will be told to pack up and leave the base. Hunters, please see the hunting section of this website.

Generators are permitted to run all night at Tappen Spring. Placing generators on the ground is discouraged, if you do place them on the ground, clear all flammable objects like wood and pine needles in a 2 meter radius of the generator. All generator use requires a fire extinguisher to be on hand at site.

If you arrive at the base after hours and can not contact the camp host for the gate combination for Tappen Spring, please see security at main gate for gate combination.

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